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Clean your external USB drives


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Currently, USB drives have become one of the main instruments for distributing malware, since many worms that automatically propagate through them have been developed over time. UsbFix is a tool specially created to block and delete any harmful element that might be contained in your pen-drive without you knowing it.

The interface in UsbFix is really easy-to-use, since each functionality is divided in large color blocks, in which you can read the name of the feature. The two main options are searching and cleaning, and the latest versions of the product have added the possibility to track elements even on your PC, so you can protect not only your external drives, but also your entire system. On the other side, besides deleting viruses, it also protects you against them, automatically disabling autoplay/autorun, repairing direct accesses to the registry, and showing hidden files; which are all the main sources of infections.

One of the benefits in this utility is that it is updated constantly, in order to keep up with new threats, so it's never out of date and can always protect your USB. It offers technical help online, answering any questions you might have without having to go to complicated tutorials, just with the help of experts.

UsbFix includes an extra feature that optimizes space on your hard drive and deletes elements that you no longer use, so you can get more space. This feature, as well as the security features, help you keep your devices free of any dangerous infections.